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Every Supertall Currently Proposed in Miami

Mar 25, 2021

With Miami’s real estate market now surging in an unprecedented manner, it appears likely that one or more supertall towers will break ground soon.

A supertall is generally defined as reaching a height above 300 meter, or around 969 feet. Around a dozen such towers have been proposed in Miami in recent years.

Any supertall proposed in Miami will generally max out at 1,049 feet above sea level (and a few feet below that from ground level) due to FAA height restrictions in the area, as a result of the nearby runways at MIA.

Here’s a look at every recent supertall proposed in Miami in recent years, and their current status.

1. Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences (100-Stories, 1,040-feet)

This looks likely to become Miami’s first ever supertall to break ground, with developer PMG now launching sales for the residential component of the project in a very hot market. Conceptual design for the tower is by architect Carlos Ott, who promises that it will permanently alter the skyline with a design that has never seen before.

2. One Brickell City Centre (80-stories, 1,040-feet)

This project was the first to break the FAA’s height barrier and gain approval at 1,049 feet in 2015. Developer Swire Properties has not said when this tower will break ground. However, the developer recently completed the sale of two office towers at Brickell City Centre, with plans to recycle the proceeds into new projects. Sales of remaining units at the two residential towers at Brickell City Centre have also been gaining steam recently, and they are approaching sellout.

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