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In the real world, pandemic precautions cannot be optional

Oct 21, 2020

One reason Covid-19 cases are spiking despite the care most of us are taking to slow the spread is that an alternate universe somehow co-exists with us that doesn’t believe in taking the same precautions – or any at all.

We all knew these people exist because we’ve seen them on national news. But until last week I had never spoken with a Covid denier. Now I have, and I know how hard it’s going to be to change their minds to get them to voluntarily take basic precautions to protect the rest of us.

We had a home appliance repaired. As the repairman arrived, wearing a proper mask, we put on our own masks as we would with anyone entering our home in order to protect our visitors. 

Don’t bother, he told us, because he doesn’t believe in all that virus stuff. He wouldn’t be wearing a mask himself, he said, except than his company requires it.

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