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BAA Committees Working Hard to Better Brickell Area
BAA committees work on a continuing basis to preserve and to enhance the Brickell area. It is through committee work that issues are studied, evaluated and brought before the Board of Directors for support, approval and sometimes funding. Currently there are six active committees: Save Brickell Park, Transportation, Brickell Village, Brickell Streetscape, Long-Range Planning and Membership.

The Save Brickell Park Committee, under the leadership of Clyde Judson, works closely with the Save Brickell Park Coalition to try and protect the last remaining piece of public parkland in the Brickell area from being sold by the City of Miami to a private developer.

In July 2001, it was announced that ancient human remains were found in the park and a developer subsequently withdrew its purchase bid. Committee members and the Coalition are maintaining their vigilance to make sure this matter is settled once and for all.

In addition to Mr. Jusdon, committee members are Megan Kelly, Loretta Cockrum, Tory Jacobs, Wayne Stringer and Kevin Speidel. Contact Mr. Judson for more information at 305-755-9034.

The Transportation Committee, chaired by Megan Kelly, has worked diligently with MDTA to get the Brickell Area/Brickell Key shuttle up and running. This committee continues to study various ways to alleviate the traffic congestion in the Brickell area and is very interested in issues regarding the Brickell bridge. Ms. Kelly can be reached at 305-371-3877

Jacque Huttoe is chairperson for the Brickell Village Committee. She and fellow committee members Max Puyanic, Steve Perricone, and Peter Wenzel have met and developed goals and action plans. Committee members are currently monitoring the architectural and landscape guidelines developed by the City of Miami, and the approval for projects that are being developed in the area. Anyone interested in serving on this committee should contact Ms. Huttoe at 305-445-3730.

The Brickell Streetscape Committee efforts are under the leadership of Mr. Bill Ross. This committee has worked closely with the DDA and Glatting Jackson to develop a streetscape plan for the rejuvenation of the Brickell median and sidewalks. The plan has been approved and the DDA is moving forward to find funding for the project. For more information, Mr. Ross can be reached at 305-371-3500.

Hal Martell is chairing the Membership Committee. Please contact Mr. Martell regarding membership issues and benefits. Remember, as a member you will receive a free link on BAA’s Web site, plus we are currently offering free banner ads for member companies. Additionally, you will be included in all mailings for luncheons and networking. Please call Mr. Martell if you need any additional membership information at 305-377-2880 ext. 14.