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Pedestrian gates next answer to Brickell Bridge gridlock

Jul 11, 2019

It will probably take until the end of next year, but gates are on the horizon that will prevent pedestrians from crossing the Brickell Avenue Bridge while the tender is trying to open it.

“The Brickell Avenue bridge rehabilitation project includes the addition of pedestrian gates,” said Pablo Orozco, structures maintenance engineer for District Six of the Florida Department of Transportation, via email. “FDOT has a contractor on board with a construction start date of Nov. 6, and the estimated construction time is 300 days. Whatever issues we had during design were solved. We do not foresee any issues during construction.”

It was suggested in 2016 that pedestrians might be part of the gridlock created when the Brickell Avenue Bridge is raised. When the bridge tender sounds the alarm, pedestrians are supposed to stop and wait until the bridge span lifts, vessels pass through and the span returns to its base.

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