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Weekend traffic jam nightmare a dream for mass transit

Feb 20, 2019

If we needed reason to ditch our cars and climb aboard something else, the long Presidents’ Day weekend handed it to us. Unless you stayed home for five days, you must have been caught in the traffic snarls.

Blame simultaneous events galore, including two boat shows, two art festivals, a concert downtown and more. Miami drivers in stalled lines of traffic grew more frustrated and testier than usual, and far ruder. They arrived hours late.

Routes generated by GPS pathfinders like Waze extended to the grotesque as tens of thousands of us tried to beat unbeatable traffic.

The jam-packed weekend won’t be a one-off. Not every day will be like that, but we know that our population is growing with Miami’s popularity, meaning more events hosting even more people in the heart of our county. There’s no escape.

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