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The ultimate nightmare scenario for this historic Miami church: A $7 million tax bill

Dec 17, 2018

The First Presbyterian Church of Miami, the oldest organized congregation in the city, has been hit with a $7.1 million tax bill by the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser, which claims the church has leased a portion of church grounds to a for-profit school and food trucks, violating its religious exemption status.

The church, located at 609 Brickell Ave., has run a K-8 religious school on the property since 2008. The bill comprises a tax lien totaling $6.5 million (including interest and fines) for the years 2009-2017 and a current bill of $509,526.24 for the 2018 year.

The taxes only apply to the portions of the property deemed to be in violation of the exemption, between 29-35 percent, depending on the year.

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